Sunday, 25 May 2008


He may be a genius writer but this video truly shows how much of a bastard Chuck Bukowski was.

We are spanning time.

Ok, so everyone knows that Vincent Gallo is reknowned for being an arrogant, self-absorbed shithead but, man, is he cool. I mean, not many people can come away from making "the worst film ever to be shown at Cannes" with credibility still intact (even though the re-cut version of Brown Bunny is supposed to be amazing). Plus... I kind of wish I looked like him.

"All my paper's legit"

I just saw this video on MTV and it made me remember how fucking amazing it is. See, I pretty much think Jay-Z is a bit of a cock but this video and song together are badass. Even Vincent Gallo is in it... so it must be cool.

Insomniac Doze

So recently my sleeping pattern has been fucked up and its driving me crazy.
Its taking me on average of between 2 to 4 hours to get to sleep at night and that means I wake up far too late, leaving me feeling guilty about wasting the day.

I need sleeping tips. FAST
I need to stop worrying.

"When the things get for real my warm heart turns cold."

Friday, 2 May 2008


I can't decide whether these are beautiful or really horrible. Still, I need a new pair of kicks so I bid on them.

Mucking about.

I just saw this on Hype Beast and I thought it was pretty cool so I'm posting it. Its the new Justice video for their track Stress and its awesome. It basically features a bunch of youths going around smashing the shit out of Paris. Nice.

"Don't call me and I won't call you"

Last night was a real toss up between going to see Cursed or Health but I figured that since Health are coming back in a month or so, Cursed would be more worthwhile. Also, I had been waiting to see Cursed for forever.

All I can say is that I was not disappointed at all. And despite various technical problems and the push-mosh whateverness, I would say that Cursed were one of the best hardcore/punk/insert genre bands I have seen. Their music on record is intense to say the least, but when brought to a live scenario.... WOW it just blew my mind. Highlight was definately "Friends In The Music Business" played with two basses. Shit-heavy. And check out the singer's sweet tache.

If you don't already own their new album "III: Architects of Troubled Sleep" go out and buy it NOW. It sounds like hell, as in the real hell with all the fire and brimstone and shit. Seriously.

Also my friend picked me up this sick shirt from the Health show. Good times.