Wednesday, 30 January 2008


An exact replication of Sunn O)))'s backline done in salt and resin.
Artist is Banks Violette.
Its called "(Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror"

The Oracle LP has a jackhammer 'played' on it. FUCK!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Current want list.

Totally topped by these.

Nerdstock 08

So some kid yesterday tried to convince me that hacking (of all the shit/pointless things in the world) is cool.
Still... nice guy though.

If I died wearing this...

.... I would be satisfied with the way my life had gone, i.e. I had managed to get a hold of one of these.


Weird first post but yeah... a friend posted this on myspace the other day and I nearly died laughing. Definately a keeper.

No Sleep Till.....

...well about 7.30am. Bummer.

So, whilst lying in bed I thought about doing one of these because I've always meant to start one. It's something to pass the time and its way less gay than keeping a diary.